Footballguys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2017 App Reviews

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Love it but...

I love this app. It’s helped me tremendously this season. My one request is that there are more scoring settings added. My League has a lot of unusual scoring settings, and it would be a huge help to have those in the app too.

1st place again

I have used The Dominator the last 5 years to give me an edge in my Fantasy Football league! After 12 weeks, I am in 1st place sitting at 10 & 2! I finished in the Top 3 the other 4 years also! There is a lot of randomness in Fantasy Football, and injuries play a big part, but if you're like me and you don't follow the NFL as close as your competitors, this app will help keep you at or near the top!

Worst draft advice EVER

I completely bombed using this app, thought I’d try something new and trust these “experts” cost me a chance for a championship. Don’t understand how it’s rated so high, complete trash along with the other 2 apps they sell.

Bad year guys

2-3, 1-4, 1-4, 0-5. This is after 2 straight years of making playoffs %100 using the app in 2 leagues. This year I figured I could handle 4 drafts with the “dominator” eliminating the guess work. I know you can’t win em all but clearly you guys had a lot of bad predictions. I will use your app again next year, but will take your projections with a grain of salt. Wish I hadn’t used this year.

Not the right app

I bought this on accident thinking it was for DraftKings, now I can’t find anyway to get my money back.

Overall good app but can be improvement

This app does a great job of taking into your league's customized setting into account. I also really like how in depth the research is for each player is relative to free options out there like ESPN or Yahoo which only give surface level knowledge. With that said, there could be some improvements. While the app dynamically ranks available players based on league settings and ADP/EDP, I don't think it does a good job of taking into account replacement value of certain positions. For example, I was in a 14 person half PPR league - in rounds 2-3, the app was pushing top tier WRs and TEs - likely because they have higher point projections than the RBs available. However, the drop off in good RBs available following that round is A LOT more significant than it is for other positions. Ultimately, it would've been more wise to ignore the app and make sure you grab a reliable RB before heading into the later rounds. Sure, you could adjust switch to the tier by position view but then you lose the holistic view of all players available, and when you're on the clock, it's tough to switch back and forth between views especially given the app seems to be quite prone to bugs. Additionally, I found the rate my team tool at the end of the draft useless. Not only is it pretty generic, but how can 12 out of 14 teams in my league have a >60% chance of making playoffs... somehow the math doesn't check out. For this feature, I actually prefer Yahoo!'s version: yes it's generic but at least they stack rank the teams afterwards. Overall, I like the app but in its current state I'm not sure it's worth the $5 price tag. There are free solutions out there like Boris Chen that offer smoother and more reliable functionality in a live draft. It also doesn't make sense to me that the charge another $5 each for their start/sit and trade tools. Seems unreasonable that those are not included.

The Best

When I tell you you'll love this you'll love this app. Perfectly organized. Everything right there at your fingertips. The best out there. Bar none. I used to go to my draft with papers and papers. No more! 10 stars if I could


Great aide for preparing for & drafting. Especially like the 'Rate My Team' feature.

Great app

Love the app for drafting. It's great to be able to see the math behind VBD in action during a draft. However, it can be difficult to keep up with an auction, especially when guys start flying off the board towards the end. Hopefully down the road, future iterations will be able to perhaps sync to your draft room or something along those lines. Still, this is great for learning more about VBD and practicing for your drafts, and an invaluable tool for your snake drafts.

First timer

I love this app so far. I made a few mistakes but it was my fault. It's great so far.

Mobile app to the rescue

Both my laptops crapped out in me the evening of the draft and I had to draft my team using the mobile app. It was amazing. I had to correct two picks and it was super easy. This app saved my bacon.

Win your league

This app will get you the players you need to win your league.

Great App

Mock drafts alone are worth the $5. App is great for draft prep and draft day.

I wasn't happy with this app

It was really complicated and not easy to use. There were also no clear instructions on how to use it. I most definitely would NOT buy this again next year. There are a lot better apps out there, including the Rotowire Draft kit, that work much better and are a lot more user friendly.

Useless ripoff

Really disappointing app.

Best $5 you'll ever spend

Helps me so much prepare for my only league that is also a keeper league.


Fantastic App. Made the draft easy.

Draft still not loading error

I have had the app for about 2 hrs and trying to check the draft settings and see the order I can get an features etc.. I got an error that now prevent the app from even start. I'll stick with Rotoworld app, way better and never has failed me.

iPad version is really good

Had two drafts. iPad version worked real well. Only complaint is that I had to edit my team and "make this my team" every time I left the app. The online version isn't good, but the app is good. Recommend you use the app.

Best out there!

Unless you're a dunce this app + membership creates all you need for your entire season. This app allows you to customize to every single last detail of your leagues scoring and type (keepers, dynasty, etc.)

Greatest FF App...until my draft

I've used this for a few years now and love the app. Easy to set up for rookie or pro and adjustable scoring etc fairly smooth. I did a number of mock drafts with no bugs but when my real draft came, it froze when I tried to enter a late round pick (Sanu; but don't hark). After almost losing my place in the whole draft, I ended up having to skip my pick for it to continue and winging the rest on paper. Very annoying but beyond that bug, it'll still be my go-to next year.

Draft Day Ease

The application helped me keep up with each teams selections. I could focus on my draft. This is my first year using this app. I pretty much followed their advise throughout the draft. Time will tell.

Froze during draft - very frustrating

Great data, love the interface and I was excited to switch draft day apps. Mock drafts went well, really happy with the app...until draft day. App was up to date and iPad Air was connected the entire time. The app froze twice when trying to pick a player (once for my team and then later for a different team). Had to restart the app but it would continue to freeze on the same player. Basically tracking my draft and others ended in round 8 of 15 - was not able to catch up given our 1 minute clock - lost my ability to use strategy in the 2nd half of the draft. I won't take this risk again, waste of $5. Back to Rotowire. 2 stars only because I love the interface and the information, but I can't give it more as the one time I needed the app to work it failed.

The best

I've tried a few and this is the best. Huge help for my live draft. Worth the $


Whoever these other people are claiming this app is good, must be working for the company. This app is way too slow after a pick has been added. I need to get credit back for this purchase, I wish it was a way to not give this 1 star.


Love this freaking APP! Lol

Worth every penny

Best FF drafting app


Nice app worked really well during my draft.

Nice but needs current info

This app is nice except for the fact that it made me draft a player who is injured for the season. Please don't rate highly players who have season ending injuries. You are killing me.

Worthless...with online bait and switch

Do not bother spending $4.99 on this app. You can find the advice it contains online for free, and 'war rooms' are also available for free. If you choose to use the full site online, you'll need to pay even more money for an 'upgrade'. Plenty of fantasy sports apps out there. Do yourself a favor and pass this one by.

Wow this app is bad

Not user friendly, league-tailored rankings are totally strange and seem off. Sorting is terrible and slow. Not happy with it at all

Not like previous years

Loyal Footballguys fan. Still love the podcast and premium website membership. That being said, this year's app is clunky, slow, and outdated. Many of the features do not update board settings. Hardware used during this experience is new and updated. With the utmost positive feedback to the Footballguys staff, please put more resources into next year's update. This app is a huge disappointment.

Slow slow slow

This is my third and last year trying to use this app! I cant believe how slow the process of trying to put a pick in still is. By the time i had the first pick selected and clicked on it, then clicked the yes i mean it button, the group was already on pick six. Since that was my turn, I had to just put down the iPad and wing it. For crying out loud football guys, figure out how to auto fill, then make the selection and go back to the rankings. RIGHT AWAY. Don't make me reset it! We finished a 12 team 16 round draft in 2.5 hours, so I need to enter each pick in about 10 seconds to be ready. Not that hard for a good UI, but impossible with this app.

Amazingly easy

First time user this draft season. Heard a lot of buzz through social media and had to try it. Glad I did! Cheaper than any outdated fantasy magazine available at any store. A+

App failed me

This app recommended I draft spencer ware and Julian edelman, says after both suffered season-ending injuries (and while connected to wifi, so this information should have uploaded). It also ranked Rob Aguayo as the top kicker, which is just bizarre. Ruined my draft, as I didn't realize any of this until it was too late. I'm perplexed by the 5-star ratings -- all for aesthetics?

Good app but issues on what other people are drafting

I feel that it is a good app but when I was going mock drafts it some teams were taking 3 or 4 tight ends in the fist 8-10 rounds. I have it setup with only one tight end being started with no flex for them to be put in. I feel like this is an era because other position players would be taken instead of someone taking a 3rd or 4th tight end.

Who's giving this app 5 stars?

I've practiced with this app for a week and ended up short. Mistake after mistake after the 3rd round was underway. 4 of my starters have week 8 byes based on this app's recommendations. Anyone can afford to lose week 8 as long as you're close to undefeated by week 7. Manually entering my opponent's draft picks was the Achilles heal of my draft performance. I should've ditched this $5 "investment" after my 2nd mock draft. Save your Lincoln and spend it elsewhere.

Worked great last year!

Finished 2nd last year in a big league and I don't even know what sports are!! Great app!

Massive help for mocks

The years I get to run the mock multiple times are the years I do well. This app makes running your mock w/ tailored scoring gives the prep you need to focus on draft day.

The GO-TO for your draft

This app is amazing. You get rankings based on how your league is setup. I've used this app for 3 years now and I will not use anything else for any of my drafts. Do yourself a favor and drop the few bucks on this app, you will not regret it!

So far so good

I'll let you know after my draft

Great App

Been with The Guys for a while now. Great content and great Dominator Apps. Super easy to use, very customizable, and convenient on draft day!

Great but news and rankings not updated

Weekend of the last preseason game and you haven't updated guys outlooks or rankings for weeks or months. When a guy like Edelman or Ware goes out for the season you should have it updated immediately. Too bad you missed the boat on this and I downloaded someone else's app. Otherwise the functions of the app were good.

Love everything about it except...

When I mock draft auction leagues. I'll do it until I get my team and maybe a couple bench players. Not including K and Def. they will always be $1 for me. I then auto draft the rest and I end up with 4 or 5 TE on my team. Again. I love the app and will get again next year. But not sure why I keep auto drafting more than 1 or 2 TE. I'd rather have rbs

Great App

Only had it for a couple of hours before my draft time. Once I went through the tutorial it was an easy app to navigate. Don't think I would have been able to set it up or use the app if it weren't for the tutorial. Used during the draft and was able to keep up with everyone's draft picks. While others were having to scratch on a piece of paper to keep up with who was left. This app kept me up to date, reminding me of who was available, who conflicted with the team I had already chosen for bye weeks. And all the suggesting my next pick. It did lock up of couple of times, but all I had to do was back out of the app and re-enter at exactly the same place I left. I recommended to the rest of my league, after the draft of course.

I was a doubter

Longtime FG newsletter subscriber. Never even thought about getting the app. Seriously, if you are reading this review via the email list, GET THE DOMINATOR. literally the best app I've ever downloaded.


I've entered keepers in my league settings to be removed from the draft order & they are still showing up . Two ABs two David johnsons. Please fix!!!

Repeat customer for 3rd year

Having the most up to date rankings, projections, and news in the palm of my hand during my unpredictable live draft is priceless. The FBG Draft Dominator is the perfect tool to help me take that first step to making the playoffs.


Made drafting easy. Gives you all the options of getting as much info as you want or keeping it simple and following their advice

Waste of $5

Won't sync and errors all weekend so useless.

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